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Jun 19, 2003


Watched Takeshi Kitano's Fireworks(Hana-BI) yesterday.That was some different movie. Takeshi Kitano himself stars as police detective Nishi, whose wife is terminally ill with blood cancer. The whole films center around Nishi and is charecterized by sudden burst of violence, abrupt jumps from past to present and future and vice versa, long silence followed by sudden action and then silence again, has a good soundtrack and cinematogrpahy is commedable.

The film is very 'eastern' in its experience although its theme could very well have been that of a Hollywood movie. The juxtoposition of silence and violence has been utilized to acheive the best results. There is not much talk, especially Nishi(Takeshi Kitano) who doesn' t talk much but is very quick in his actions. At time film feels comical too, especially at times when you are only shown the 'before' and 'after' shots a particular action, not the violent act itself. (For ex. you see a big porcelein vase one minute, then camera focuses on two people and simultaneously you hear the vase breaking, then next shot is of the vase broken into pieces and a man lying on the floor in a pool of blood.)

I had watched another movie of Takeshi Kitano's called Kikujiro a few months back, in which the director himself plays the main lead, who is a kinda dull man, who is taking a little boy on a long journey to find his mother. Both these films make you realise how different is the sense of humor in different parts of the world.Minimal language, silent humor even in some of the saddest moments seem to the trademark of these movies.