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Jun 23, 2003

Panic Room & Donnie Darko

I was blown over by Fight Club, a couple of days ago I watched a more recent movie by the same director, David Fincher, called the Panic Room and I'd like to say its only luke warm. The "nail-biting-edge-of-the-seat" feel you expect from thrillers was absent. It appeared to be a rehash of a lot of Hollywood movies, although not deteriorated to the state of being trash. The movie is slick, dark, Jodie Foster is good, but all in all I'd say it lacked 'something' - something like a stronger screenplay, a better development of main characters - even the intruders(the thiefs) lack menacity to feel threatening to the viewers.

Donnie Darko is a good movie, I am really late in watching this one. Jake Gyllenhal is dark,clever, weird and is really good at being all of these. If you like watching movies that leave you a bit dazed at the end, asking questions about life, space-time and all that we don't understand but yet give you the feeling of having watched a remarkable movie - this is it!