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Jun 3, 2003

Two Latin American Instances

Right now I am watching the Miss Universe contest, I thought it was a rerun or something, then found out that it was happening live. It has been a long time since I watched any such contest, maybe 5 years or so. The 2003 contest is taking place in Panama city. Panama brings to my mind, Manuel Noreiga, the former President now serving his 40 year prison term in a Florida jail. Along with the contest they are showing Panamanian landscape, the contestants' tour of the Presidential Palace (coincidentally the President is woman, wife of a former President. They also showed the workings of the Panama canal, how it lifts up ships so that they could pass to the other side, ie between the two great oceans the Pacific and the Atlantic. Go here, if you want to watch live action from Panama Canalas it happens.

Then ofcourse there is One Hundred Years of Solitude. What a book! This is just nextdoor to Panama, in Columbia. Columbia controlled Panama a hundred years ago, when Panama gained independence with US help. Back to the book, I have heard a lot about Marquez being a great writer and all that crap, so I had decided most probably I won't be able to make it much beyond the first chapter. To my surprise, I finished it, moreover I actually enjoyed reading it. So that is Mystical Realism, eh? Someone even has a site named after the book