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Jul 19, 2003

Anbe Sivam

Kamal Hasan's latest venture. If you know about Indian sub continent and its movie industry, bigger than Hollywood, if you take the number of releases per year or the number of people employed or the number of tickets sold, you should have atleast an inkling who Kamal Hasan is. Well for the unintiated, he is one of the superstars of Tamil(a widely spoken Indian language, although its spoken in countries like Singapore,Malaysia etc etc) movies, who insists in film after film that he is a modern day Renaissance Man a.k.a the jack of all trades. He is a good actor, makes some very 'different' movies which are really good and watcheable, ghost directs most of them, a versatile make-up man and has many others feathers in his cap, which I am not mentioning right now.

Anbe Sivam (translates as 'Love is God') is Kamal Hasan's latest offering, in which he stars with another young superstar of Tamil, R.Madhavan. The movie is different from the usual run-of-the-mill 'boy meets girl' stories, a breath of fresh air, both the actors have given good performances, all in all in my filmometer I'd give it a B+. It could have made it to an A, had Mr.Hasan not insisted on doing the courting and running around trees with his heroine, who is atleast a good twenty years younger than him. The joke is Mr.Hasan himself is portraying a person who is a twenty years younger than his real self, and he really s***ks at it, inspite of his extraordinary make-up skills. But he is extremely good as the disfigured older man and the his cynical, wise-crack dialogues keep up with the character.