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Jul 25, 2003

Angel Dust

Is it with me or is it with Japanese Movies? In all the Japanese movies I seem to lay my hand on, I have noticed certain similarities. I wonder whether it has to do the with the hand that chose them(which in this case is me) or with Japanese movies as a whole.
1. All of them are minimalist in conversation and facial expression of emotions.
2. All of them have girls wearing dark sunglasses, round in shape (is Yoko Ono still a big name in Japan?).
3. Cinematography has a 'montage' quality, cut-snip-past-paste-cut-paste-cut-snip-paste.
4. Most of them tend to confuse the story and the viewers by talking less or not talking at all, if you ask me, lot of problems wouldnot have become problems at all, had the main characters talked openly to each other. But then where is the movie, eh?

Yesterday I saw Angel Dust, a Japanese thriller. Story idea is good, so is the cinematography. Conversation is minimal, maybe to increase sense of mystery. Its about a serial killer who always strikes on Mondays at 6pm. Reminds me of one of those artsy type movies, where people look at each other or faraway for a long time, but don't speak, then there is sudden spurt of energy, then again silence, then a phone rings....trrrrrrrrrrrilllllllllllllllll. I should say understanding Japanese culture is not easy.