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Jul 23, 2003

Dan Brown's Two Novels 

DaVinci Code and Digital Fortress. Read DaVinci Code a few weeks back, thats Dan Brown's latest offering. Digital Fortress is a bit older and deals with the security issues on the WWW. Good reads, both. What I found similar in both stories are,

1. The whole story takes place over 24-48 hours.
2. There is an American in Europe, footloose and running for life, while trying to protect some undecipherable secret.
3. There is a strong woman character, extremely intelligent and beautiful (the rare species)
4. There is a code to break.
5. Tackles a contreversial topic. (In DaVinci Code it was the Jesus's bloodline which still exists?!!!?!!! and in Digital Fortress it is NSA's ultimate snoop dog machine on the internet.)

I can happily go on reading Dan Brown, glad I am not in Liberia. Hope Peace Will Prevail Soon.