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Jul 9, 2003

Steve Martin's ShopGirl 

I didn't know that actor Steve Martin wrote, before I saw his name somewhere in Today I finished reading one of his novels, ShopGirl and I have his newest one with me, which is called "The Pleasure of My Company", the reading pleasure of which I am yet to enjoy. Coming back to ShopGirl, it is an easy novel, centers around a twenty eight year Niemen's counter girl, who lives a not-so-happening life in the fringes of Hollywood. There aren't many twists and turns in the novel, it moves fluidly along without the usage of a lot of literary jargon. Thats what I like about authors as Steve Martin, who are not very 'reputed' literary personas, they talk at your level, there are no long winded sentences which could take fifty or more words just to describe the moss in the fish tank. Sprinkled throughout the book are sly and witty observances about life in LA. There is not much of a story involved, as the whole books centers around one affair the ShopGirl, Mirabelle has with a fifty year old gentleman, but then its not a long novel either, maybe you could finish it off in an hour or two.