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Aug 8, 2003

All About My Mother 

Pedro Almodovar's tribute to women, mothers, actresses, 'All About My Mother' is a fascinating and revealing portrayal of women in the many roles they play. There is the mother, played by Cecilia Roth, who is a hidden actress as well, then there is the acting diva, the pregnant nun, the transvestites who aspire to be women with their expensive surgeries, all in all its a story about women, brilliantly acted out by women, in a colorful settings which are Barcelona and Madrid. The camera work is brilliant, the composition, the color make each frame a painting in itself. As far as the characters are concerned I like Antonia San Juan who played the transvestite, she was so witty and convincing at the same time. The film won at Cannes and the Best Foreign Film Oscar(2000).