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Aug 21, 2003

Antonia's Line 

A kinda of biographical Dutch movie with strong emphasis on females of the family. Antonia is the matriarch of a family or rather a large commune of family and friends in a Dutch village. The story starts with Antonia and her daughter Danielle coming back to Antonia's native village at the end of Second World war to start a new chapter in their lives. From there the movie progresses through their lives and how Antonia's line is continued by her daughter Danille, grand daughter Therese and finally her great grand daughter Sarah.

It is a movie about female empowerment, about mothers, about women, the role of males reduced to the are minimum, but it is not about male bashing either. The film doesnot concentrate on male domination, but rather on female power and roles they play in this life. You could have taken a movie in the same way way with a male lead and male progeny and called it Antony's Line, but then there have been many movies made that way and it couldn't have been any different from the rest. Antonia's line is an interesting movie to watch, especially if you are a woman or if you love good movies with great characters, great dailogues with a fine vein of comedy embedded in them and beautiful countryside.