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Aug 29, 2003

Bringing Out the Dead 

One of Nicholas Cage's best performances is in this movie, Bringing Out the Dead. He lives his role as a grave yard shift paramedic on the verge of losing sanity in the streets of New York. When you see his job you'll realise that your job is not half as bad as his. I mean, the greatest offer a boss can make to his subordinate is to fire him, thats what Cage's boss promises him every other day.

Its a brilliantly dark movie by Martin Scorcese, happening mostly at night. It depicts the harrowing job of a paramedic which does have it highpoints occasionally, when atlast he's able to save a life, he says it's like walking on air. The cinematography and editing are good, the sound track has REM, 10000 Maniacs and the slick montage of scenes when these songs are being played is impressive. Patricia Arquette, Cage's then wife in real life plays the female lead in the film, as the daughter one of the patients Cage brings in. Another Scorecese masterpiece, couldn't have been anyone else in there but Nicholas Cage.