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Aug 19, 2003

Mystic River 

Just finished reading Dennis Lehane's Mystic River. Gripping tale, could have read in one stretch but had to sleep and go to work inbetween. Its about three boys, one of them who was kidnapped in childhood, but returned four days later, how all of them grow up into adult human beings, lead different lives, until the day they are drawn together again by the murder of the daughter of one of them. It might seem from the summary that its going to be a growing-up- analyzis-of-life story, which it could be in some small way, but basically its a nail biting thriller where the identity of the killer is confused more and more with every page that you turn.

Even as you read you could see a Hollywood movie in between the lines, the one thats kind of dark and brooding, with unkept houses, toussled hair people and a sense of loss. Warner Brothers too realized that and the movie Mystic River is bound to be hit the screens this October. The three main characters are portrayed by Kevin Bacon, Sean Penn and Tim Robbins and the director is Clint Eastwood. Hope the movie will be as good as the book..