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Aug 25, 2003

Serenading a Segway 

Atlast, I could get on a Segway, the human transporter. And boy o boy, wasn't it a marvel !!!!! Forget about how you'd contribute towards green environment, or not contribute towards the enlargement of ozone hole, Segway is a treat, it adds a new dimension to motion. Yesterday I rode one of these ulitmate human transporters at the State Fair and I am at a loss of words to describe the experience, maybe akin to a kid riding his first bike, but much easier to learn. Segway acts like an extension of human body, everything is controlled by your body movements, you have lean forward to drive forward, give pressure on your heels to go backward and to stop you have to be upright, only buttons on the machines are the turn buttons to turn either left or right. When I saw the George W's mishap with the Segway a few months earlier on TV I thought that maybe it was like a learning to ride a bicycle, you need to get balance, but this is really a piece of cake, the kind you'll be addicted to for long. Hopefully the price will come down from 4.5K in the years to come, once it becomes more common.