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Aug 13, 2003


Yesterday I saw the hindi movie Supari. After having read some negative reviews about the movie, I had braced myself up for another of those Bollywood underworld flicks that has been flooding the Hindi movie industry after the success of Ram Gopal Varma's 'Satya'. To my utter surprise, I liked Supari. The acting of all the four lead actors and the sole heroine, Nandita Das was above par, cinematography and direction were also slick. The movie has 4 real good songs in the sound track, although I could find only three of those in the movie, maybe the fourth one was added in the album, not part of the original movie.

Uday Chopra's acting is brilliant, I didn't like him much in Mohabbatein and the movie Mere Yaar Ki Shaadi Hain was a total washout. He seems to have got into the skin of the intense character of Aryan Pandit, he plays in Supari. All the other male leads, Rahul Dev, Purab Kohli and Akash Saigal have done good jobs. Nandita Das hasn't got much to do except slick back her hair with pomade, line her eyes with kohl and appear dark, gothic and menacing as an underworld 'queen'-pin. She fits into the role right in. The one drawback (if it could be called so) is the uncalled for 'rain' scenes. There are a couple of scenes which happen in rain, the rain looks very artificial, doesn't in anyway add to the 'mystery' or intensity of the scene, a rain in Mumbai in blazing sunlight,eh?!?!!! All in all I was impressed by Supari (which by the way means "contract killing" in Mumbaiyya slang"), but seems like a lot of people out there didn't. Check it out yourself.