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Sep 7, 2003

The Road Trip - Part 5(Oregon) - Crater Lake and Klamath Falls  

Left Medford at 1130am heading east on 62, towards Crater Lake National Park. The day was a little chilly and road ahead as we neared Crater Lake was draped in slight fog. This route was called Rogue - Umpqua Scenic byway between Rogue and Umpqua rivers. On the way there were trail heads leading to Rogue River lookout points, we ended up going a little way up the trail and clicking a few photographs from river's edge.

Crater Lake is the deep blue clear water lake formed by the collapse of Mount Mazama, so it looks as if some has dug out a bowl shaped lake at the summit of a mountain. If you plan to hike there are 90 miles of trails around the lake and several campgrounds and you can also have a boat ride in the lake. The lake's annual input comes mostly from precipitation and the lake is surrounded by 200 feet mountain cliffs on all sides. Those who want to take in the full beauty of Crater lake should attempt the Rim Drive, which is drive around the rim of the lake(of course!), with several viewpoints along the way. We did a 1/3rd rim drive and turned back, shot some usual tourist videos and headed back on 62 towards Klamath Falls and from there on to California.

Before you go, all you riding behemoth gas guzzlers, fill up your tanks before you cross into California, gas prices increase by a full fifty cents or more when you just 1 mile across Oregon border into California.

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