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Sep 29, 2003

Woody Allen's Anything Else 

After a long time saw a movie at the theatre, it was Woody Allen's "Anything Else", on this Saturday. Typical Woody Allen fare and for those who like his movies (you don't really have to like the person to like his movies, right?!??), this one is also abrim with dry wit and sarcastic self mocking humor and it has fresh faces - Jason Biggs and Christina Ricci in addition to the master, Mr. Allen himself.

In the movie, Jason Biggs is a comedy writer, so is Allen, but the major difference between the two in addition to Woody Allen's off the cuff funny philospohical nuances is that Biggs is a person who can't say No to most people, including his agent and his new-age girl friend played by Ricci. Allen's character takes upon himself to re-invent Biggs, and thus the movie goes. Set in Newyork (where else?) the movie winds its way thru' Central Park, Manhattan and the lives of its protagonists. Its not a movie where you'd fall off your chair laughing your heads off, but its the one with a lot of 'thinker's jokes'. Well in short if you like Woody Allen movies, you'll definitely like this one.