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Oct 28, 2003

Catch Me If You Can 

Like Men of Honor, this again is a biographical movie of a man who achieved the unachievable of a rather dubious nature. Frank Abignale, the ingenious imposter, crook, defrauder a la master of all trades is the ME in Catch Me if you Can. Don't think any of us can catch up with him, especially if you are already past your teens. He impersonated "successfully" an airline pilot, a doctor, a lawyer(passed the bar exam too) and cashed millions of dollars worth of fraud checks before he was finally caught and he was just 19 at the time! Leonardo DiCaprio plays Frank Abignale and Tom Hanks plays Carl Hanretty, the FBI agent hot on Frank's trail. Its a good movie to watch, to see how Frank make fake checks, degree certificates and the like, at a time when nobody had heard of photostat or photoshop. Catch it if you can.