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Oct 7, 2003

The Enlish Man Who Went Up The Hill But Came Down a Mountain 

Where in the world could being "English" be the ultimate insult? Where else, in Wales, ofcourse! "The English Man...." is the name of the movie, this could very well be the English movie with the longest title, for all that I know. The story takes place in Wales, the accent itself is so funny, its about half the humor in the film. Hugh Grant is one of the two surveyors sent by His Magesty the King of England, towards the end of WW1, to Wales to measure and map the area. They come across a hill in a Welsh village, which the villagers think could very well be the first mountain in Wales. The rest of the movie is about villagers efforts to make the hill a mountain and how they overcome this 'mountain-high' task. A nice and light movie.