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Oct 20, 2003


I love those movies which involve plots and plans, especially the ones which has a plan as cute as a Chinese baby(what does that really mean? I don't know). Thats what the main character in Heist, played by the formidable Gene Hackeman calls his own brain child. The movie involves two robberies, carried out after elaborate planning and backup. The first one is to show the viewers how 'talented', coordianted and well prepared, the team of robbers led by the mastermind Gene Hackman are, they are no petty thieves, they only deal in diamonds worth millions of dollars of gold biscuits. I am not going to tell the story here as it'd kill the pleasure of watching it.

There are some real wise guy dialogues in the movie like "Well, don't you want to hear my last words?" "I just did" or "It's a good day for the race" "What race" "The human race.." etc etc. There are a lot more which I don't remember now. I think only film I have seen directed by David Mamet is Glengarry Glenross of which I don't have any recollections. Heist is written and directed by David Mamet, even though this movie hits the wall of credibility once in a while, its a watchable fare and has prompted me to out for more from the same director.