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Oct 27, 2003

Men of Honor 

Men of Honor is a feel good movie, one where the tough and steadfast but downtrodden hero triumphs atlast. Its a movie for the dark horses in us, who desperately need a win, who need a symbol for our hope and that is what Carl Brashear(played by Cuba Gooding Jr.), the navy diver who aspires to be the master chief achieves in the movie. Inspired by a real life story, Men of Honor traces the journey of Carl Brashear, the first African-American deep sea diver in US Navy from his Kentucky hometown, thru' the navy training schools and barracks and his experiences as the first African American in a not very welcoming world of US Navy deep sea divers. His never quit attitude and perseverence in the face of adversity leads upto his final triumph of will when the Navy allows him to continue as a deep sea diver inspite of an amputated leg and from there he goes on to become the Master Diver. Robert De Niro plays Master Chief Billy Sunday, who is out to get Brashear kicked out of the diving school and the Navy, who later on turns into a dependable ally of Brashear. The best part of the movie is not the acting, though Cuba Gooding's & De Niro's performances are outstanding, but the fact that one man, who is real as you and me, went thru' all this and emerged victorious. So why go to Krypton, we have our own, right here on earth!