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Oct 2, 2003

The Nanny Diaries 

A funny, insider's peek at "Nannying" for high profile Manhattan moms. A first person account, most of it fact than fiction, The Nanny Diaries is an engrossing read, especially for those of us who have no clue as to what happens after the high flying Manhattan socialites get an unexpected visit from the stork-with-the-bundle-of-joy. Co-written by Nicola Kraus and Emma McLaughlin, the book narrates authors' experiences in the wicked and often vicious world where the Nanny's only ally is the child who she is taking care of.

Those of you have done your share of baby sitting will be able to associate with the Nanny easily, but that doesn't make the book a less compelling a read for those who haven't, like me. Its enjoyable and though at times I'd have wanted the Nanny to be more vocal about her needs, afterall this is a free country where slave labor is not tolerated, right? And the children, who are being taken care of, who are being bred right with the right amount French classes, ice skating and all the other related skills are shorn away from childhood before they begin it. Don't let me get started on Nanny's employer Mrs.X and I'll lose all my restraint, lesser said the better. Take a look at this book yourself, you won't regret it.