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Oct 12, 2003

The Ring 

Finally saw the horror movie, which was tauted a class apart from other Hollywood horror flicks, The Ring. The remake of a hit Japanese movie of the same name, it is without any doubt a product of Hollywood Horror Hawkers Inc., the signature of which stares out at you from the start to the finish. I'd really like to see the Japanese version to see how they dealt with it. Since everyone knows the story I am not going to waste my time exercising my poor story telling skills.

Its kinda urban-legendsy which starts out with two teenage girls talking "well, did you hear about that video, after watching which, the viewers will die in 7 days..blah blah". The horror films which starts with teenagers make me wary, I mean, give them a break, they are the most easy scapegoats for the horror mongers, 9 out of 10 horror flicks involve a group of teenagers stranded in some desolate spot. Anyway this one didn't stretch the teenager material too far and quickly pushes Naomi Watts into the storyline, as our damsel in distress, but a courageous one at that. Ms Watts seems to have become the staple of supernatural and surrealistic films after Mulholland Drive. The Ring could be said as a well directed horror movie, with a glaring "made in Hollywood" sticker attached, which is worth a watch on times like Halloween when world is in dire need to conjure an atmosphere of ghosts(dressed in Walmart Halloween specials) and the horror weekend in your favorite TV channel is horrible beyond tolerance.