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Nov 7, 2003

25th Hour 

Directed by Spike Lee, this film starring Edward Norton is about the last day of freedom in the life of a NewYork drug dealer (Norton) before he goes to prison for seven years. I felt it was more like a narrative than a story with some destination. Norton has acted well in a low key role. It is not a typical Hollywood movie where you would expect car chases, clandestine deals and wailing cop sirens packed into a drug dealer's last day as a free man. This is pretty much like life viewed in retrospect through the actions of one day. So don't expect any nail biting or edge-of-the-seat thrills here, its a movie for grownups, though Iam not sure I am that grownup yet or not. It does sometimes go away on its own free will sometimes, like the time Norton curses everyone from Newyork cabbies, harlem boys, whites, Osama and almost everyone out there or at the time of Norton's ride to the prison with his father - these scenes are like complete poems in themselves.