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Nov 16, 2003

4 Little Girls 

Spike Lee's documentary on civil rights movement of the sixties, starting from a vortex - which is the death of 4 little girls in the Alabama church bombing of 1963 and spreading outward. Its a memory trip, the entire civil right movement and the turbulent sixties of the American South seen through the eyes of the people who were caught right in the middle,in the eye of the storm. We live the era, through the interviews with parents and friends of the girls killed at the 16th St. Baptist Church bombing, we hear the lawmakers and the administrators, we hear how the police and KKK were inseparable in those days (acc. to the movie, one in every three policemen was a clan member!) and ofcourse about the will and determination of blacks in Alabama and the South, when an entire nation had turned a blind eye on their freedom and their needs. Thats history for you, if want to the see the real thing outside of the History Channel.