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Nov 8, 2003


Nicholas Cage in a double role, Meryl Streep and Chis Cooper - that makes four actors who have acted extremely well in this movie. It gets off on a slow start brooding on the life of Hollywood screen writer called Charlie Kaufman and his newest project, a movie about orchids, which has experienced a writer's block at the very start itself. The other Nicholas Cage is Kaufman's twin Donald, a happy go lucky guy, who is an aspiring screen writer, who surpasses and surprises his brother when his so-deemed no good script is swooped up for millions in Hollywood. Meryl Streep plays the reporter who goes down to Florida to do an article on orchids and ends being having an affair with the eccentric orchid man, played by Chris Cooper, although its not as straightforward as I said it. Where does the characters of Streep and Cage connect? Well it is Streep's story that Cage is trying to adapt into film. The pace quickens up towards the end, although some of the actions of its main characters towards the end are questionable.Nicholas Cage is beyond recognition as Charlie Kaufman and the juxtaposition of the serious loser character of Charlie against the exuberant Donald, both played by Cage, shows his infinite range. I am not that much inspired by the movie, but Cage's acting is something to write home about.