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Nov 9, 2003

Blood Work 

A Clint Eastwood movie again, where Eastwood himself is the hero as the retired FBI man, with a newly transplanted heart. The movie begins with Eastwood being approached by the sister of the his heart donor, who is a murder victim. Although he has said goodbye the crime solving business, tugging at the 'heart strings' of his borrowed heart, is the question, "who killed the real owner of my new heart?" So our man plunges into unravelling what seems to be a murder during a convenience store heist. The story is good, the pace is fast, there are not many unwanted scenes in the movie, its pretty much tightly packed as the boat which serves as Eastwood's home in the story. A good murder mystery and I have finally decided I should watch Unforgiven after years of exercising restraint, thats says something about this movie, I guess.