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Nov 15, 2003


A beautiful movie, I can describe this movie with a plethora of pompous adjectives, but that still won't do it enough justice. One of the best movies I have ever seen, this Japanese movie from Takeshi Kitano, flows like a poem, one that does not need a dictionary or an understanding of rhyme structure to enjoy it.

I watched it about six months ago and saw it again the second the time yesterday, when we bought the DVD. The movie is a search and a journey, undertaken by a six year old boy and a man who accompanies him, which is Mr.Takeshi himself. This film is supposed to be an exploration of a different genre by Takeshi, since most of his other films are associated with yakusas, violence, blood and the like. There is innocence and there is comedy - one that is neither slapstick nor what could be called the thinking man's humor, but something altogether different, something quirky. Kitano has kept up his deadpan acting style, but that only adds to the charm of the movie, the little boy is perfect for the part, so are all the other strange characters they meet on their journey, music by Joes Hisashi is another ace up the sleeve of this movie.