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Nov 26, 2003

Shallow Hal 

If media can corrupt you, then media can redeem you too. In an age when the staple of infontainment are the images of thinner-than-air femme fatales and informercials air 24/7 the ads of miracle drugs that can make you lose 30 lbs in 30 mins, anyone with some(or any) grey matter still left, should by now, be aware of the warning signs of a massive media brainwash of the masses. Shallow Hal, coming from the Farelly brothers (There's Something about Mary and Dumb & Dumber) is a two hour effort to convince you that beauty doesn't always come in wafer thin packages.

Jack Black is good, so is Gweneth Paltrow and I for one is a comedy lover unless it is too 'slap-sticky'. Jack Black's character, after a chance encounter with a new age guru falls in love with Gweneth Paltrow's character, who is actually 300+lbs and not exactly Black's type. Its the guru who does a small trick with Black's vision that he starts seeing the inner beauty of all women, not their physical assets. So the 300+lb girl appears as Paltrow to Black and he's head over heels in love. This is like a modern fairytale, becuase there are some parts of the movie which needs more convincing, especially towards the end, but then think of it as a fairytale and everything's fine. By the way, the movie has a good soundtrack.