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Dec 29, 2003


How come that the only Hindi movies I enjoy nowadays are Govinda's? Saw Govinda-Rani Mukherjee starrer Chalo Ishq Ladaye, a mindless comedy, no harm in that if you don't expect much. Afterall what do you expect from a Govinda movie other than being a total timepass.

I read some bad reviews about this film, what I don't understand is what were these reviewers looking for? Were they expecting a Shyam Benegal or Satyajit Ray movie? Come on, people, if you are looking for stellar performances and serious cinema, you are watching the wrong movie. The very name Govinda ensures that you can turn off your brain cells for the next two and half hours, sit back, relax and have some silly laughs while you are at it. This movie guarentees that and some of the dialogues (especially Gulshan Grover's in the first half) are really funny. Then there is the indomitable Grand Mama of Indian cinema, Zohra Sehgal as Govinda's daadi (grand mom), who's funny and convincing as the tight fisted autocratic daadi.

There was a time when I considered Govinda movies as total trash. Had Nostradamus told me that I'd be enjoying them sometime in the future (not that Nostradamus would waste himself on predictions like these...just to explain the gravity of the situation), I'd have asked him to pursue some other trade. Greeks were better oracles anyway, not Italians. Coming back to Chalo Ishq Ladaye, the other actors are ok, Rani is not bad, neither is Gulshan Grover and Kader Khan, Johnny Lever's role and his dialogues don't go well with the rest of the film, might have added him for that 'extra dash of comedy', only to spoil the broth. Not much of a story, nothing at all if you have already seen Hitchcock's 'Strangers On A Train', which I saw a couple of months back. All in all, a pure Govinda film, don't try to think and review the film, watch it and let go.