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Dec 17, 2003


Watched a mainstream Hindi movie after a considerable interval which made me realize I had been nurturing an impossible notion that commercial Hindi films were indeed getting better. I could not have been more wrong, considering the fact that Qayamat had a good run in most Indian cities.

The movie blatantly steals from a bunch of Hollywood movies, falls shamelessly short of each one of them . I had completely forgotten how Hindi movies jump into the song-dance routine at the batting of an eyelid, this movie has given me a whack on the head and jolted me into the harsher (or should I say sweeter syrupier mushier) realities of Bollywood entertainment. Lately I had seen a couple of low budget Bollywood flicks, yes.. they made a string of those sometime back with aspiring teen actors and to say the truth they were much better than this star studded action flick. Arbaaz Khan and Sanjay Kapoor are pathetic as villians, who told them to be villians all you needed was a wide mouthed villianous laugh?!?? The saving grace of the movie is Ajay Devgan who inspite of having found himself in the middle of a bad script and shoddy direction has proved that he is one of the best actors Bollywood has churned out in the recent past.