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Dec 31, 2003

Something's Gotta Give 

Jack and Diane, no, not the Mellencamp song, this is Jack Nicholson and Diane Keaton in Nancy Meyer's new movie Something's Gotta Give. Nancy Meyer's What Women Want was a better crowd puller than this, her latest offering. Although it is a romantic comedy, it is not everyman's cup of tea, thats what I felt while watching the movie.

We did laugh real hard in some parts and there ofcourse was the cool hunk Keanu Reeves and the beautiful Amanda Peet. I like Diane Keaton, so whatever comments I have about her acting will be positive unless she had deliberately trashed the film, which is not the case here. Jack Nicholson, what can one say?!!?? I don't usually like the characters he portrays, but he as always, has proved once again he's a master actor. Frances Macdormand plays a small side role as Keaton's sister, wonder why an actress as talented as she should do such no-role roles?

Overall not a bad movie, though there seems to be more people in my opposite camp than I have on my side. Well....thats my side of the story, you have the right to have yours.