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Dec 30, 2003

Zero Kelvin 

The first Stellan Skaarsgard movie I saw was Insomnia, the original 1997 Norwegian film at a film festival in Trivandrum a few years back. Needless to say the the Norwegian Insomnia was better than the Hollywood version, which was not that all that bad either considering it came from Hollywood. Zero Kelvin is two years older than Insomnia and tells the story of three Norwegian trappers stationed in the East of Greenland.

Gard Eisvold is a youngman in twenties Norway, a budding poet, who accepts a trapping job in the desolate and icy coast of Eastern Greenland. Skaarsgard plays the role of an experienced but foul mouthed trapper, with whom Eisvold ends up staying. The film capture the loneliness and the hardships men encounter in that icy wasteland, which reflect on their behaviour and lives. Skaarsgard is unrecognizable, he is the arrogant, unhygenic lumbering form of a man, for whom contact with other human beings is as difficult as it is for a Big Foot or Yeti. The film could be considered as an excellent study of human nature in the very hostile of climates.