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Jan 17, 2004

Count of Monte Cristo 

Alexander Dumas is 19th century France's raciest author, from all that I know about it (Not much!). A la Sidney Sheldon, John Le Carr, Sue Grafton all rolled into one. I had read an abridged version of Monte Christo when I was a kid, didn't have any recollection of it when I sat down to watch the film today.

This Kevin Reynolds film is an out and out entertainer starring Jim Caveizel in the leading role, Guy Pearce is his friend turned betrayer, Ed Harris as the old priest the Monte Cristo meets during his prison term and who becomes his teacher and guide and Luiz Guzman is the ex-pirate turned right hand man of the Count, once he comes back to Paris as the Count of Monte Cristo. There is betrayal, suspense, intrigue, swash buckling sword fights, kidnapping, pirates and a daring prison escape, there is a love lost and found, and there is a man who who gets a treasure, and a life after 13 years of solitary prison sentence - not bad for a two hour entertainer.