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Jan 26, 2004

Gangs of Newyork, Holes and some others 

Recovering from a surgery, kinda lazing around (read bedrest). Saw a lot of movies lying in bed...writing about everyone of them will be gargantuan task for a "patient in recovery" buhahaha. The list of movies I saw in the past week as in-bed entertainment is as follows,

+ + Gangs of New York: A concoction of history, Leonardo de Caprio, the Irish and NY of 1850's mixed in plenty of blood grime, dirt and vengeance. Coming from Martin Scorsese this epic movie is a good entertainer. Daniel Day-Lewis is unrecognizable as the butcher. A bit too long maybe, but then it is a historical movie.

+ + Rear Window: The Hitchcock masterpiece starting James Stewart as a bed ridden man in cast watching his neighbors through his rear window. He suspects that one of his neighbors has murdered his wife. It has far less suspense than some other Hitchcock movies, like Vertigo, Strangers on the Train etc but technically perfect movie nevertheless. Has Grace Kelly in it too.

+ + +Holes: A Disney movie for kids, about a detention camp in AZ where the supervisor believes that the inmates could become better citizens by digging holes in the desert. We do not know the real intentions until later. An interesting movie a lot better than kid flicks like Spy Kids.

+ + Take the money and run: A Woody Allen movie about a career thief. Funny of course but have seen funnier ones from Mr. Allen before.

+ + The Son's Room: The Italian director, Nanni Moretti stars and act in this Palme d'Or winner Italian movie about a psychoanalyst who faces a tragic situation in his own life. It is a no frills flick. which I found quite slow moving at times, which inturn reflects the reality that I'm becoming more of an American movie goer who wants things fast-paced.

+ + Pookkalam Varavayi: One of those Malayalam movies made to showcase baby Shamli in the late '80s. I was thinking while watching the film that had it been in US Jayaram could be sued and tried for child molestation, kidnapping and a lot of other related charges.

- - - Churaliya hai tumne: A pathetic excuse for a movie and two excuses for actors. Makes me feel that even hindi films should conduct entrance test to screen the aspiring actors. Well when lineage is all that matters then we the audience have to suffer. Esha Deol & Zayed Khan, I would give them money if they'd show the grace to leave the film profession and leave us in peace.