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Feb 2, 2004

Dead man Walking 

Saw this Tim Robbins' movie for the third time in the last 5 years, it never ceases to move me. Death, the great leveller, doing his master act. I saw another movie The Chamber just before watching Dead man Walking. Both of them dealt with people sentenced to death. While in The Chamber, where the convicted man is put to death in a gas chamber, in the other one he's put to death by lethal injection. As Sean Penn says in his final words in Dead Man Walking, to kill people is wrong - whether the killing is done by you, me or the government. Still I am not sure whether I support the death penalty or not. Movies like these make me wonder, why do we walk our way through lives without caring much about others or doing some small gesture from our parts that might seem like a giant benevolence to the other, why are we too busy?