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Feb 21, 2004

In Cold Blood

Wow! A killer of a movie. Directed by Richard Brooks, adapted from a story written by Truman Capote, who got his inspiration from a real life mass-homicide, this movie really lives upto its name in conveying the feeling.

Robert Blake and Scott Wilson play the film's petty thieves turned murderers, both of them have given performances par excellence. It is ironical that, one of the killers in the film, Robert Blake was recently accused of murder of his wife in real life. The editing, camera - black and white has tremendous potential when it comes to such heavy films and then the jazzy score everything together makes this movie a class apart. Its almost Hitchcockian, at times even better than that, because unlike a Hitchcock movie which ends after the murder is solved, this goes on with the lives of murderers - like a character study and ends with very realistic hangings of the murderers. Even the mass-murder committed by the two are so believable, its almost like being inside the skin of the murderers. A brilliant film.