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Feb 12, 2004

In The Name of The Father 

A group of totally innocent people who spent fifteen long years behind bars charged with a horrible crime that they did not commit and the smouldering issue of Northern Ireland make this memorable film etch deep into the minds and memories of any viewer with a conscience. It is adapted from the autobiography of Gerry Conolon, a simple Irish street thief, whose only crime was being at wrong place at the wrong time.

Daniel Day-Lewis plays Gerry Conolon in the movie, I could not gave imagined anyone else playing the part, ok except perhaps Sean Penn. Conolon and four of his friends are wrongly accused by the British police of bombing a pub in Guildford. Later the police also arrest and imprison Conolon's father who came to rescue him and few of his family members. It is a strong movie making a very strong statement. It does gravitate towards being sympathetic to the Irish and demonizing the English. But as a dialogue in the movie goes, " English never willfully left their conquered lands without a fight, they had to beaten out of these places"(Its a transcription as I remember it, not the exact words) , so I doesn't feel bad at all sympathizing for the Irish.