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Feb 16, 2004

Last of the Mohicans 

It has been 16 or more years since I read Last of the Mohicans. What I remember is a passionate story line, reading almost like a thriller and I think I finished the whole book in a day or two. This movie starring Daniel Day-Lewis has none of that magic. It couldnot kindle any empathy towards any of the characters(atleast not in my mind). At times I was wondering why were the native Indians siding with the French and the English and fighting their own kind. Maybe that was how the history was, I don't know. (No wonder there were no more Mohicans left!)

Daniel Day-Lewis is ok, nothing great, that also goes for Madeline Stowe,the leading lady. I don't know why the film failed to impress me. Maybe because I had read the book in my budding teenage years that I associated a lot more passion and romance to the story than it really had?!? I think Last of the Mohicans had a lot more potential, there were fights we viewers could have identified with, lives which we could have empathized with - but unluckily, thanks to movie we did not.