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Feb 19, 2004

"Play It Again, Sam" 

A very Woody-Allenish translation of Casablanca set in San Francisco! To complete the theme Bogart himself makes appearance as Allen's pep-guru. This is the first film Woody Allen and Diane Keaton starred together, a prolific partnership which would churn out Oscar winners like Annie Hall.

I have reserved all the movies in the library which are remotely linked to Woody Allen, the man knows to do his stuff. In this movie Allen plays a recently dumped-divorcee, with a low self confidence and a track record as a total failure with ladies. Diane Keaton and Tony Roberts are his faithful friends who set Allen up with one girl after the other, unfailingly the set-up is screwed by Allen on the first date itself. The movie ending is an exact copy of Casablanca with the fog, the propellers of the plane roaring in the background and the inevitable goodbye. Good watch.