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Feb 7, 2004

Sweet Sixteen 

Ken Loach directs this coming of age movie set in Glasgow. Martin Compston, the fifteen year old who plays Liam - the main character, is very convincing despite this being his first film. Loved his sincere smile. The story is about a boy, brought up a single mother, who is in jail as the movie begins and goes on to show how he becomes entangled in drug selling and his miseries stemming from that as well as his life.

If not for the subtitles, I would not have understood half the dialogues as the accent is so very foreign and at times you (the Americans watching the movie) may doubt whether they are speaking English or not, at the same time it is endearing too. It is a movie about simple dreams of life, a boy who dreams of making it big, his struggles, his relationships, his life - a good movie, I should try out more from Ken Loach.