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Mar 13, 2004

28 Days Later

An interesting British sci-fi thriller from Danny Boyle, he of Train Spotting fame. It is the usual virus-feasting-on-humans flick, but minus the Hollywood's cheap tricks, which makes it one of the most believeable sci-fi flicks I have ever watched. Plus you get to see the the most eerie shots of London, with it deserted streets(fully evacuated for the purpose of shooting this film) and abondoned buildings which add to the character of the film.

The first half was pretty good, in the second half the movie seemed to have veered a bit off the common-sense way. Still it is a lot better than other virus flicks considering there were no cures discovered in the nick of time, there were not many super human acts from the protagonists, there were no microscopic close-up shots of the 'deadly' virus and its subsequent graphic run thru' the human system it attacks and for a change(a big one at that) it was not LA or NY under threat this time, it was the British Isles. A good sci-fi horror flick, after a long time.