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Mar 8, 2004

Crimen del padre Amaro, El

The Crime of Father Amaro, is a Mexican movie starring Gael Garcia Bernal as the catholic priest Father Amaro. I'd say it is an average movie, for me it gave me a peep into the interesting country that is Mexico, the lives of its people, Catholiscm firmly planted into its culture. Its not rare that priests fall for temptation in the form of a beautiful young girl, here it is Amelia played by Ana Claudia Talancon for whom Father Amaro falls. Ana Talancon reminds me of Hindi actress, Kajol.

It's an ordinary film, I liked the charaters of the senior priest, Father Benito and Father Natalio more than Bernal's Father Amaro, with whom I could not relate to much. The other two characters seemed more humane inspite of the pressing circumstances whereas it was Amaro who could have been all that and much much more.