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Oct 26, 2004

El Camino

Did you know they make Bollywood Masala Movies in Argentina too?!!! The villain can make an effortless transition in to Bollywood filmdom, in many scenes he reminded me of Prem Chopra of a more silent kind.

The story is about a guy's hunt for his father(possibly lost in Kumbh Mela of Argentina, whatever that is), which turns in to some corrupt cops hunting for this guy all over the road, since he witnessed a murder of a prisoner in custody by the said cops. Meanwhile to keep the things more entertaining the director/the story writer decided to gift the guy with a girl friend, so there is an ample measure of romantic heat. As the hero is an innocent crusader searching for truth in all forms he gets help from Argentenian version of Hells Angels who are staunch supporters of Jesus and who pop at the right places in a police chase so as to confuse cops and allow the hero an easy getaway. Thus the story continues and all this is available in a DVD format made in MSPowerpoint.