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Oct 27, 2004

The Searchers

This is a movie I took as a result of watching an American Movie History course which I happened to see on TV while flipping channels, the course was for correspondence students and that day they were dealing with Westerns. The Searchers they said was one of the better made westerns and possibly one of the best.

This 1956 movie is the first movie to have a feature length behind the scene documentary because John Ford kept a camera behind the camera shooting the real film so as to have video record of all the activities which went to the making of the film. But the DVD I saw didn't have this Behind the Scenes documentary, it'd have thrown light in to some more stuff.

The Searcher's is an engrossing movie, another first it has to its credit is, it is the first film to be shot in Monument Valley, Utah which later became the staple landscape of all Westerns. Great landscape, the villanious hero played by John Wayne, the simpler but more handsome young cowboy played by Jeffrey Hunter, the vagaries of life in the West, the enmity between Indians and cowboys and the story that keeps you bound to your seats makes The Searchers a true Western.