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Oct 25, 2004

Winter Sleepers

I was going to start with the sentence, "this is a very different movie", then I saw on the DVD the bold letters which says 'from the creators of Run Lola Run', well then different is an understatement. The camerawork is very peculiar, a kind of shot which is often repeated in the film is where you have a birds eye view along with the soaring motion of an ascending bird, its something to experience.

Since this movie is from 1997 I can say for sure the main theme of the much famed Memento is a straight lift from this film, where one of the characters has a short term memeory loss and takes these groovy pictures with his use and throw camera and captions them, so that he can refer back to them and recreate his yesterdays and day-befores. Kinda cool concept, huh!?

Another mysterious element of the movie is its story. The five main characters are interconnected by one accident, though none of them knows it and it is funny how they pass each other in the crucial situations not knowing that the ones they are searching for are right infront of them. Very interesting film and ultra cool photography.