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Dec 8, 2004

Cidade de Deus

Cidade de Deus or the City of God is the slums(favela) of Rio De Janeiro. The movie revolves around drug trafficking, almost daily encounters with police and the striking point is the extreme young age of these drug traffickers - most of them are barely out of their teens and you would only rarely get to see anyone over 30. What happens to the kids then? They die!

It is a film from the eyes of a budding photo-journalist, a young boy(Rocket) from the favela who wants to break free from the drug world and wants to reveal to the world what it means to live in the favelas and why young kids end up as drug dealers. The cinematography is slick, fast cuts in tune with the fast paced life - you have to live a lifetime before you die with a bullethole in your chest at the age of fifteen or nineteen.

Directed by Fernando Meirelles and Katia Lund, Cidade de Deus will especially strike a chord with you if you come from developing countries like Brazil, India, Thailand or someplace like that. Your analysis of the film with your background of gritty realities of life in a developing country will indeed be different from the average American. Things and people are real in this movie, afterall its is based on a real life story. It won't surprise you when they say Brazilian cops face combat situations everday in their line of duty and carries more ammo and has access to more different kinds of guns and runs a thousand times more risk to die in combat than an American soldier in active duty. This holds true for the drug dealing kids in the favelas too. The movie starts in the sixties and spans a few decades hence, behind the beautiful but thin facade of the Rio's beauty to reveal its seldom heard dark side. Go watch it, there is nothing wrong in being better educated.