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Dec 6, 2004

Ned Kelly

Mick Jagger was a hero of a movie? I never thought that had happened. Well, in Ned Kelly, the story about the famous Australian outback hero of the same name Jagger gets to play the hero and he does a good job too. Ned Kelly was remade later with Heath Ledger playing Jagger's role and with the supporting cast of Orlando Bloom, Naomi Watts and Jeffrey Rush. Supposedly remake is better than the original.

There is a lot of Irish in the movie. I think Kelly is an Irish surname and Ned's people is originally Irish who went to land down under. Liked the folk songs(kinda like extended limericks) they sing in the movie. Ned Kelly is presented as a RobinHood like figure, since I don't know Aussie history I have no ways to verify the truth about his character. An ok movie.