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Dec 27, 2004


After long Bollywood makes a commercial movie thats up to the current standards of world cinema - thank you Ashutosh Gawarikar! A hindi movie cannot do without its quintessential songs and melodrama - thats what makes it a hindi movie. It is an artform by itself, but how can you make it a competitive film appealing to world audience, Swades is the answer.

Even ShahRukh Khan, the immutable stammering, stuttering, lover boy of Indian cinema has broken free of his stereotypical role and played the role of a confused young scientist with passion. A.R.Rahman's songs are mind blowing - hats off to the maestro. After almost sixty years of independence Indians finally realize that they should have something else to show off other than the oft repeated 'great heritage and history'. Swades asks the much unsavory question to the current Indian junta - "what do you have to boast about your present?"

Inspired by the true story of two young engineers who brought electricity to a village in Maharashtra, Swades is a tightly knit film which gets as close as it can to the real life in Bollywood terms.