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Dec 4, 2004

Xun Kiang - The Missing Gun

A very interesting, different film from the People's Republic of China. Oh no...don't say you've seen Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon - thats not the real Chinese cinema, it was a canned product for people used to Hollywood consumption standards.

The central concept of the movie might seem so alien to Hollywood viewers - a policeman loses his gun, almost loses his job, go nuts about it and is considered as a social outcaste. Here in US, were you can simply walk in to a store and buy the firearm of your choice the whole premise of this movie might seem pathetic. But thats how things sometimes happen in 'the rest of the world'.

The cinematography is really cool, smart shots of small town China of the present day, their social interactions, an honest view in to a world so different and wonderfully directed for a movie of such a low budget($250,000).