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Jan 10, 2005

Girl with a Pearl Earring

Had read this novel by Tracy Chevalier some time back. It is filled with paintable scenes, but found it a bit too dragging for my patience.

The movie has condensed the book in to 100 minutes or so, there is not much talk between the main characters. What I liked was how the director and cinematographer and the entire art direction crew have captured the scenes of the movie - each scene is like a Vermeer painting, the same kind of light, the same kind of colors and being a period film about an episode in Vermeer's life, the same kind of characters too. Other than that I was not much awed by the movie because the theme of the young girl's adoration of the artist(of any kind) is jaded and irks me whenever I come across such a book or movie. Scarlet Johannsen portrays, Tanneke the young maid who goes to work at Vermeer's(Colin Firth) house and is eventually painted by her master and the painting becomes known as the girl with the pearl earring.