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Jan 19, 2005


The exotic adventure of an American in the East. This is one of those films which contribute an lions's share to the common man's(in the West) idea of how the East, its people and its culture is like. It does a very "good job" of it, diverting the viewer farthest from the ground realities.

Let me clear some assumptions here, East(or Middle East in particular) is not usually a good place for horse races(although this is based on a true story), they prefer camels there, even for races. All the hooded men and women are not your enemies with murder and deception in their minds and all the rulers, sheikhs or emirs are not as benevolent and knowledgeable as the film portrays them to be. And most importantly one liner American jokes don't really go well with the middle easteners, they'd prefer truth said in simple language for the most part.